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Wednesday, February 17, 2016 18:00 - 21:00

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ThoughtWorks Melbourne

Level 23, 303 Collins Street, Melbourne (map)

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DNA sequencing technology is developing fast. In the area of Medicine/Biology this means we can now get the code, the DNA sequence, of any person in a few days for just $2000-5000. Although it is easy to read the genomic code, we do not yet understand all variants and the consequences they have on our individual makeup, talents and weaknesses including disease risks. 

Are you better off knowing your genomic code? What can the code reveal, what not? If you have your genome sequenced, who has access to your code? Should you be in control, the hospital, your insurance company or the state? Who has control at the moment? Johan den Dunnen proposes the 'DNA-bank' as a way to give control to the owner of the DNA, but this relies on excellent data security and good informed consent protocols. Is this a good idea?

Professor Dr. Johan den Dunnen is an extensively recognised expert in medical genomics from Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands. As a researcher, Prof. Dr. Johan believes "We need to share everything we know long before we start writing a formal publication". As a leading member of the Human Variome Project, Prof. Dr. Johan looks towards a future where our grandchildren will wonder how we could have lived without access to our own genetic data.

Meeting Timetable 

6:00-6:15: arrival, mingling.

6:20: Johan speaks about the promises and challenges of individual genome sequencing and proposes a system for being able to access and control our own genomic data.

7:30 Light snacks and drinks

8:00 Further discussion on to what extent - and how - we should be aiming for open genomic data. 

9:00 End



Please read our code of conduct and make sure to abide by it.

Please arrive no earlier than 5:30PM (to avoid disrupting ThoughtWorks employees). The meetup officially opens at 6PM, and there will be somebody to let people upstairs until about 6:15. 
If you arrive after 6:15, you'll need to call and someone will let you in.

There will be some snacks provided; we try to make sure that we cover vegan and gluten free. 
If you have specific needs, or feel like bringing something to share, please bring some food.

ThoughtWorks Melbourne

Level 23, 303 Collins Street, Melbourne (map)

RSVP here: