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Wednesday, October 17, 2018 7:15 - 8:15




Slides from this meeting can be found here:


You may be aware that LOVD is undergoing some organisational changes to ensure its sustainability and will be moving under the auspices of the HVP (Human Variome Project).  As part of this, we are planning to form a user group aimed at involving LOVD users more directly in its development whilst providing more training and support for users.  The use of LOVD has once again grown rapidly in the past year with many more users, so it seems a good time to do this.

We are hosting a meeting at ASHG in Room 8, Upper Level, San Diego Convention Center on 17 October 7:15-08:45am to provide an overview of LOVD and the plans for its development in coming months. We will also introduce a new LOVD User group which may be of interest to you.

NOTE: This meeting will be similar to the LOVD User Group Meeting that took place at ESHG in Milano on 18 June.

I hope that you can join us there.

If you are not planning to be at ASHG but are interested in knowing more or being involved in the group, please send a message to 





Room 8, Upper Level, San Diego Convention Center on 17 October, 7:15-08:45am


07:15 - 07:30


Explain purpose of meeting.

Future of variant data sharing.

07:30 - 07:50

Introduction to LOVD – short history and background.

What team at Leiden does, how they can help you.

How to find information.

07:50 - 08:00

Plans for future developments of LOVD

08:00 - 08:15

The proposal for a LOVD USER Group.

Need for oversight, need for training, need for knowledge sharing.

eed for standards, consultation, being responsive to users’ needs – how it will work.

08:15 - 08:35 Q & A
08:35 - 08:45

Wrap up – next steps.

How to get involved.



Best wishes,

Johan den Dunnen