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Monday, June 11, 2012 - Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Human Variome Project holds a major meeting every two years to update Consortium members on plans, progress and opportunities for the global collection, curation, interpretation and sharing of genetic variation information. The 4th Human Variome Project meeting continued the theme of the previous meetings and addressed issues of implementation in this unique project.

HVP4 presented the strategic plan for the Project over the next five years, as expressed in Project Roadmap 2012-2016. The meeting was structured around four key themes that underpin all the activities of the Human Variome Project Consortium:

- setting normative function;
- behaving ethically;
- sharing knowledge; and
- building capacity.Meeting Objectives

The meeting brought together researchers, database curators, clinical geneticists and other healthcare professionals.

- To present the Project’s strategic plan for the next five years.
- To ensure progression of the objective of the Human Variome Project to embed the collection and sharing of genetic variation information into routine clinical practice.
- To present activities underway or planned towards the Human Variome Project objective.
- To integrate current activities where possible.
- To establish collaborations and activities were the need exists.
- To gather experts in the strategies and software required together with those responsible for generating data.
- To gather those who are already collecting mutations within their counties together with those who wish to establish a system, especially those from developing countries.Meeting Outcomes

Meeting outcomes are reported in Kohonen-Corish et al. (2013) Beyond the genomics blueprint: the 4th Human Variome Project Meeting, UNESCO, Paris, 2012.