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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

HGVS nomenclature Q&A sessions have started!

On June 22, we started an experiment, an online HGVS nomenclature session. We thank those who dared to attend the first session; there is always the danger of technical issues. But not this time, everything went smoothly. We had a mix of experienced users and nomenclature beginners who enjoyed the chance to practice and discuss relevant nomenclature issues.
The session started with a brief welcome from Johan den Dunnen, chair of the HGVS nomenclature committee. Next, were a series of prepared questions for the participants to answer using the DirectPoll system. Participants were able to see each other’s answers anonymously. After each question, the answers were revealed and explained. Was it easy? Certainly not. One question in particular was answered incorrectly by all, even from the experienced users of the group. But this is why we wanted to hold these sessions, giving people a chance to practice and discuss in a safe environment. After the prepared questions, there was time for participants to ask specific questions directly.
For those interested to give it a try, the Q&A session is available using Socrative, classroom HGVSonline (
Our next session will take place on Tuesday 24th August, at 3pm UTC. We have alternated the timings of each session to accommodate all time zones. For your time zone, please click here
To register for the next session, please click here. You can also see this event listed on the Human Genome Organisation’s(HUGO) Facebook page. We record the meeting for those not able to join. 
The questions from the Q&A session will be taken from those we receive daily and be a mix of simple and more complex cases. The idea is that you train yourself and learn HGVS nomenclature by applying the recommendations. For those not able to participate, the questions will be available afterwards using the Socrative platform (, classroom to be announced).  For the 'questions from participants' session, everybody is encouraged to send questions to so we can prepare. Of course, we will also allow you to ask questions 'live'.
If you have any comments, suggestions or questions you would like answered for these sessions, please let us know. 
Interested to support the HGVS nomenclature work? Please consider sponsoring one of the bi-monthly meetings. For details, please contact"> Of course, we will acknowledge sponsorship in advertisement and during the meeting.