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Mona El RubyProf. Dr. Mona El Ruby is a professor of Human Genetics since 2003, Head of Clinical Genetics Department, National Research Center (NRC), Cairo, Egypt during the period(2007 - 2012). Dr. Mona graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt, and got her MD in 1975. She received her Master degree in Pediatrics in 1980 at Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. She received her PhD in Human Genetics from Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt in 1986. She joined the (NRC) in Egypt in 1977 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Samia Temtamy Prof. of Human Genetics. Since then she is working extensively in the fields of Clinical Genetics and Cytogenetics. Her current research interests include: Clinical Syndrome Identification, Dysmorphology, CHD, Skeletal Dysplasia, Sexual Differentiation Disorders, and Detection of Mutations in rare Autosomal Recessive Disorders .She works also as Clinical Cytogeneticist. She is focusing on genotype-phenotype correlations in genetic diseases, and on genetic counseling. She is an author and co-author of more than 65 publications in national and international peer-reviewed medical journals. At present, she is the Principal and Co-Principal Investigator of 5 major projects: namely prevention and classification of genetic disorders, registry and database foundation for genetic diseases in Egypt, genetic studies in Disorders of sexual Development. Recently she is focusing on detection of gene mutations in Congenital Heart Disease (genotype-phenotype correlations), on Mental Retardation (syndromic and non syndromic) and on Clinical Molecular Cytogenetics. Recently in 2013 she is a participating investigator of 2 major national grants: Capacity Building project and a distinguished grant of National Centre of Excellence for Medical Genetics funded by STDF. She is now the principal investigator of a project on advanced molecular and cytogenetic studies on CHD in Egyptian Children (2013 - ­2016), She is a member of several scientific genetic and pediatric societies.