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Mireille ClaustresPr. Claustres was trained at three Universities of Montpellier: Faculty of arts (graduated in Psychology); Faculty of Medicine (M.D. and Full Professor); Faculty of Sciences (Master in Biochemistry and Ph.D.) then get specialized since 1990 in molecular genetics for some single gene disorders. From 1989 to September 2013, she has directed three public health activities at the University Hospital of Montpellier : i) Molecular Genetics Diagnostic Unit dedicated to some rare genetic disorders (including prenatal and preimplantation genetic diagnosis), ii) Medical Molecular Genetics Teaching programs for Master students, iii) Research Inserm unit entitled "Rare Disorders: Molecular Genetics, Functional studies and Locus specific databases". She dedicated energy and time during 27 years to the management of diagnostic and research teams and to the professional promotion of all categories of collaborators.

Her interests include the genetic basis of single gene disorders, aberrant splicing, genotype/phenotype relationships and Locus specific mutation databases (organization of national network between experts of specific gene analysis).

She has contributed 242 peer reviewed publications referenced in PubMed and over 50 others.

She is also involved in several scientific or university councils, including major Patients Associations's Scientific Committees, National Scientific Evaluation Committees or The National Council of French Medical Universities.