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Professor Ingrid Winship AO is the inaugural Chair of Adult Clinical Genetics at the University of Melbourne and  Director of Genomic Medicine at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. She recently completed 12 years as Executive Director, Research, at Melbourne Health.
Professor Winship completed her medical training and postgraduate training in genetics and dermatology at the University of Cape Town, followed by a combined academic and clinical position there. In 1994, she joined the University of Auckland where she later became Professor of Clinical Genetics, Associate Dean Research, and Clinical Director of the Northern Regional Genetic Service.
Professor Winship has a wide range of clinical and research interests in inherited disorders, particularly those with adult onset, including familial cancer, and where foreknowledge of genotype may influence clinical or lifestyle measures to create positive patient outcomes. She has experience in gene discovery and in the translation of discovery into clinical practice. She has also highlighted the societal implications with research into the ethical, legal, cultural and psychosocial domains of genetic technology
Professor Winship is currently a member of the Boards of Directors for the Australian Genome Research facility and Geneseq.  She is Chair of the Australian Health Ethics Committee and a member of the NHMRC Council.