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Finlay-MacraeProfessor Finlay Macrae MBBS, MD,FRACP, FRCP, AGAF is a Principal Fellow with title Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne, The Royal Melbourne Hospital Head, Colorectal Medicine and Genetics, The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Professor Macrae has had a career in translational and clinical research focusing on diseases of the large bowel especially with regard to screening and familial risk of colorectal cancer.

As lead clinician in the Familial Cancer Clinic at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, the state's busiest in familial bowel cancer, he is engaged in a range of research projects including SNP based Genome Wide Association studies, candidate gene searches in hyperplastic polyposis, and screening by MR colonography in mismatch repair gene carriers.

He is a member of the Australian Cancer Network's recently formulated committee addressing issues of implementation relating to colonoscopy certification and synoptic reporting on behalf of the Australian Government. He is a Councillor for the Gastroenterological Society of Australia, responsible for Professional Affairs.

He is Chair of the Hereditary Bowel Cancer Group of The Cancer Council of Victoria, currently Secretary to the International Society of Gastrointestinal Hereditary Tumours (InSiGHT), based in Leiden and London, a member of Steering Committee of the US National Institutes of Health Colon Cancer Family Register, and International vice chairman of the CAPP organization for randomized controlled trials of prevention in HNPCC gene carriers.