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To save lives and reduce disease, genetic data needs to be shared globally to ensure doctors and clinicians can provide the right advice to their patients. Analysing genetic mutations is not always black and white, with a lot of grey matter in the middle. However if data is shared globally, across a larger gene pool, then there is more black & white, with less grey matter, allowing doctors and clinicians to make more informed decisions that will positively impact upon the livelihood of patients.

If you would like to Sponsor a Gene, we can support you in this process. With your funding we can:

1. Raise awareness and facilitate data sharing to save lives & reduce disease for a Gene/Disease Specific Database

With your sponsorship, we can raise the awareness and facilitate data sharing globally of the need to share data in relation to a particular gene or variation to save lives and reduce disease by allowing the right decisions to be made. We are an active and growing Consortium of over 1,100 individual researchers, healthcare professionals, policy makers, and organisations from 81 countries that collaborate to develop and maintain the necessary standards, systems and infrastructure to support global-scale genomic knowledge sharing, so we can make sure you are connected with the curators of the relevant Gene/Disease Specific Databases to provide them with funding to raise awareness and help them facilitate data sharing globally to save lives and reduce disease.

2. Fund Medical Research for a specific Gene or Disease

With your sponsorship, we can fund Medical Research in your area of focus. We will work with you to define a scope (for example you want to find a way stop the effect of the variant that causes Cystic fibrosis), and we will then tender out a Request for Proposals from experts in the field, both from members of the Human Variome Project and beyond if there is expertise outside the Human Variome Project that is relevant to the scope. We will then review all Proposals submitted, with a comprehensive peer review process. We will run this process using the SmartyGrants software so it is completely transparent to the sponsors, involving them in the process. This service is provided at no cost, with all funding going towards the successful medical researchers.