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Interest Groups of the Human Variome Project are informal groupings of Consortium members that have organised around a broad topic area to discuss, debate and propose possible actions for the Human Variome Project to consider. The topic of interest must be related to the collection and sharing of information on variation in the human genome and/or capacity building, ethical or educational activities related to of the Human Variome Project.

The purpose of an Interest Group is to review and to bring thought and debate to the chosen topic. With a key purpose to initiate the creation of standards and guidelines where required by generating activity proposals, the submission of a proposal to the International Scientific Advisory Committee will start the “HVP Standards Development Process”.  An Interest Group may also wish to generate and possibly publish relevant papers to further inform others.


A Human Variome Project Interest Group must:

  • commit to the Core Values of the Human Variome Project
  • engage in activities in a spirit of cooperation, tolerance and solidarity; and
  • each year the Chair of the Interest Group must provide the Scientific Advisory Committee a short written report of their activities.

Existing Interest Groups

  • Database Accreditation
  • Education & Training
  • Ethics
  • Pathogenicity
  • Phenotype