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The Human Variome Project Consortium envisions a world where the availability of and access to genomic variation information is not an impediment to diagnosis and treatment; where the burden of disease on the human population is significantly decreased; and where the sharing of genomic variation information is standard clinical practice.

If that envisioned future was today – that is, if all the current global data on genetic variations effecting human disease was able to be collected and shared immediately, then many, many millions of the world’s people and their families would benefit from the faster diagnosis and the more accurate prognosis of their disease and the better treatments this information can be used to create.

That envisioned future is not today, but by working together towards this Vision, it can become a reality much sooner than we think.


It is the mission of the Human Variome Project Consortium to establish and maintain the standards, systems, and infrastructure for the responsible collection and free and open sharing of information on all genomic variations.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values guide and direct our actions and behaviours and are embedded in our systems and processes, the way we make decisions and the way we deal with each other, the wider human genetics and genomics community, and the patients and their families that we all work to serve.


We recognise that success will come by acting together with the widest possible stakeholder group. We will work hard to understand, respect and take account of the differing needs of each.


We give credit and acknowledge all contributions made, celebrate key milestones, including all diseases that are diagnosed, treated and prevented, as a result of the sharing of data.


We work hard to understand and respect the varying needs of all stakeholders. We will have the utmost respect for the privacy and confidentiality of patient information and will be serious about relevant ethical, legal, political and social issues.


We include all countries, all peoples and all disciplines without discrimination.


We exist to serve each other, the Consortium as a whole, its members, the community and in particular, to serve those now and in the future with a disease that can be more easily diagnosed, treated and prevented as a result of the sharing of genomic knowledge.


We adopt the highest standards in all we do. Data accuracy and operational excellence are paramount.

The Vision and the Mission of the Human Variome Project will only be fully achieved if we remain true to our Core Values. This will require collaboration on an unprecedented scale, the utmost respect for all stakeholders and all our collective actions being undertaken in a true spirit of service.