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The day-to-day work of the Project is facilitated by the small staff of the International Coordinating Office. The International Coordinating Office staff is structured to ensure the core scientific focus of the Project is maintained, whilst retaining the necessary commercial and organisational skills to manage the Project. The structure is built around the primary activities of the Human Variome Project:

The Coordination Office embodies three essential components necessary for the Project to work successfully as an inclusive, international initiative:

  • Build on the existing community and projects to establish productive approaches to collaboration within the Project
  • Coordinate delivery of the Project vision, including supporting, monitoring and reporting on the individual sub-projects embodied within it
  • Provide support services that are best delivered by a central organisation with a corporate governance structure

The International Coordinating Office provides the following services:


Amy McAllister

Amy McAllister

International Project Coordinator


Amy is responsible for the administration and management of Global Variome Ltd, a company providing support services to the international coordination work of the Human Variome Project. Amy is also personal assistant to Professor Sir John Burn, based at the International Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. 

Helen Robinson

Helen Robinson

Liaison - World Health Organisation

Helen is a consultant to Human Variome Project on matters related to development of innovative health services, growth of human genomics in low and middle income countries, harmonizing efforts between countries for open ethical and  sustainable health system responses to developments in human genomics. She has 15 years experience with the UN system including ten years as a senior manager in the World Health Organization she is responsible for liaison with WHO.

Helen is also a Visiting Fellow at Nossal Institute for Global Health, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences, The University of Melbourne where her fields of research are politics of the global health agenda, role of multi-lateral and bilateral agencies, investment in disease prevention, strengthening health systems in response to emerging global health policy  issues in health and development.