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Chair: Martina Witsch-Baumgartner 
HVP ICO contact: Amy McAllister
Creation date: 2012


The International Confederation of Countries Advisory Council is the Human Variome Project's representative body for HVP Country Nodes. As a formal representative body of the Human Variome Project Consortium, the ICCAC plays an important role in the operation of the Project. Specifically, the role of the ICCAC is to:

  1. Promote and develop the work of HVP Country Nodes – both their own and others within the network – through active participation in meetings and relevant official working groups and by representing the Human Variome Project at various national and international fora;
  2. Contribute to the development of Human Variome Project official documentation including Activity Proposals, Standards Development, the Human Variome Project Solution Blueprint and the Human Variome Project Roadmap;
  3. Provide information on the activities of member nodes for Human Variome Project reports and publications;
  4. Take an active role in the expansion of the network of HVP Country Nodes around the world by providing guidance for other Consortium Members in initiating, developing, financing and operating their Nodes and by contributing to creating regional networks and developing/developed country partnerships for knowledge sharing and capacity building;
  5. Provide guidance and advice to the International Scientific Advisory Committee and Human Variome Project Board on matters concerning national and regional collection and sharing of genetic variation information.


Interim Members

CountryPrimary ContactSecondary ContactDate Joined 
Argentina Argentina Angela Solano   22 February 2016
Australia Australia Vincent Harley Vivien Vasic 28 October 2010
Austria Austria Martina Witsch-Baumgartner   10 December 2010
Belgium Belgium

Kathleen Claes

  11 November 2010 
Brazil Brazil Iscia Lopes-Cendes Vera Lucia Gil da Silva Lopes 7 October 2016
Canada Canada Jordan Lerner-Ellis Matthew Lebo 3 December 2014
China China Ming Qi   6 January 2015
Cyprus Cyprus Andreas Hadjisavvas Maria Loizidou 19 November 2010
Czech Republic Czech Republic Milan Macek   20 May 2012
Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo Propser Lukusa   29 April 2014
Egypt Egypt Sherifa Ahmed Hamed Mahmoud Raafat Kandil 1 November 2010
Italy Italy Maurizio Genuardi Domenico Coviello 12 March 2014
Kuwait Kuwait Fahd Al-Mulla   26 October 2010
Malaysia Malaysia Zilfalil bin Alwi Amir Feisal Merican 24 October 2010
Mexico Mexico Luz Berenice Lopez Hernandez Augusto Rojas-Martinez 8 July 2012
Nepal Nepal Tilak Shrestha   18 April 2011
The Netherlands The Netherlands Marielle E. van Gijn Johan den Dunnen 3 November 2014
Nigeria Nigeria Oyekanmi Nash Hadiza Mahey Rasheed-Jada 4 November 2013
Republic of Korea Republic of Korea Jong Bhak   2 August 2013
South Africa South Africa Raj Ramesar Collet Dandara 26 February 2015
Spain Spain Angel Carracedo Maria Jesus Sobrido 21 December 2010
Sweden Sweden Malin Melin Lucia Cavelier 20 November 2014
United Kingdom United Kingdom Andrew Devereau Sir John Burn 14 June 2012
United States of America United States of America Michael Watson   30 May 2012
Venezuela Venezuela Aída Falcón de Vargas   8 February 2013
Vietnam Vietnam Chí Dũng Vũ   18 December 2010


CountryIndividual Date Joined
Bangladesh Bangladesh Sharif Akhteruzzaman 13 December 2015
Mozambique Mozambique Denise Brito 16 September 2014
New Zealand New Zealand Dylan Mordaunt 20 November 2015
Philippines Philippines Catherine Lynn Silao 01 November 2015
Portugal Portugal Celeste Bento 23 July 2014

Member Types


Interim status is offered to those who are able to meet two requirements -

  1. agree to work towards meeting the requirements of the core definition of HVP Country Nodes
  2. are able to provide satisfactory evidence that they in fact represent their country.
    In most cases this evidence would be a letter with appropriate letterhead addressed either to the individual or group making the application or to the Scientific Director of the Human Variome Project indicating the level of recognition/endorsement from one or more of the following: the national Human Genetics society; an officer of the national Ministry of Health, or Science and Technology or similar; the national college of pathologists or similar professional society.

Interim status is only available for one organisation in each country.


Observer status is offered to national organisations and individuals who intend to establish an HVP Country Node but do not yet meet the requirements of interim status, or who feel that they are not yet ready to make an application. Observer Status can be offered to a maximum of four organisations or individuals per country.

Meeting Calendar

Work Products

International Confederation of Countries Advisory Council Work Products