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The Human Variome Project is neither a funding agency nor an organisation that requires a substantial amount of funding. The work of the Human Variome Project is centred on coordination and facilitation, and not on implementation. The Human Variome Project itself does not collect or store data, maintain technical infrastructure or employ database curators. This vital work is undertaken by our Consortium members through the network of HVP Country Nodes and Gene/Disease Specific Databases. These data sharing resources are developed and operated by our members and are funded independently from a wide-variety of sources, including, but not limited to research and infrastructure grants from funding agencies and philanthropic organisations in their respective countries and regions. Details on the funding sources for individual resources and projects can be found on their respective websites.

Human Variome Project International Limited

Human Variome Project International and the International Coordinating Office has been funded over the past years by the following groups:

Individual donors including:

  • Dame Elisabeth Murdoch
  • Danks Family
  • Cotton Family
  • Harper Family
  • Handbury Family
  • Henguang Li   
  • James Cotton
  • Julius Colman Trust
  • Jane M Hellstrom
  • JRS Cotton

Philanthropic organisations including:

International organisations and governments including:

  • The Australian Federal Government
  • The Victorian State Government
  • Chinese Partnership
  • CMO Global

Institutions including:

Since 2006, in excess of $6 million Dollars has been granted, donated or provided by in-kind support to coordination of the Human Variome Project. 

We thank these generous individuals and organisations for the support they have consistently shown.