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Familial and inherited cardiovascular diseases are diverse and affect all irrespective of the geographic and ethnic origin. It is a global phenomenon and requires a worldwide higher strategic healthcare approach. The whole group of conditions comprising many common and rare heart diseases poses a major global health challenge. The proposed Global Familial Heart Challenge (GFHC) is a new international initiative for raising awareness, empowering clinicians, assisting health care providers and public for developing regional and country specific cardiovascular health networks for information, precision diagnosis, targeted multi-specialist health service delivery for patients and families affected with familial and inherited heart disease and data resources.


To set up and develop the coordinated global network to deal with medical and health challenges of the familial and inherited heart disease.


Objectives and Principles

The Global Familial Heart Challenge (GFHC) is a network of a number of clinical establishments, genetic/genomic laboratories, research centers and patient/ family support groups committed to caring and supporting patients and families affected with a familial/ inherited heart disease organized on the following core principles:

  • Each individual center, partner or professional contributes on voluntary basis
  • No direct access to any patient clinical or research data or information
  • Any information or data shared by the source organization is secured
  • Functions through the consortium of several clinicians, health professionals, laboratory scientists, researchers and patient/ family support workers- each group contributing on a participative and consultative basis
  • The consortium is arranged on Regional and Country node basis to ensure that national regulatory and legal requirements are adhered to as well as all relevant social, cultural and religious norms are taken into account
  • Administered by the appointed executive team selected from the consortium membership



For information and collaboration with GFHC-
Contact Prof. Dhavendra Kumar, CEO & Medical Director,

The Genomic Medicine Foundation (UK);;;