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“The Global Familial Heart Challenge (GFHC) is a new international initiative to raise awareness, empower and educate medical and healthcare providers on specialist health service provision on Familial & Inherited cardiovascular conditions”

The aim of the project is to set up and develop a global network to deal with the various challenges associated with familial and inherited heart diseases.


  1. Establish a consortium of clinicians, health professionals, laboratory scientists and patient & family support groups engaged with familial and inherited heart diseases.
  2. Contribute and coordinate development of databases for clinical and research purposes with specific focus on phenotype annotation and validation of gene specific or genome wide variants.  
  3. To develop a fully accessible clinically oriented database to all consumers seeking qualified and validated information on common and rare familial heart diseases.

Note: HVP is working to promote the Global Familial Heart Challenge. This project will not duplicate the work of other bodies and organisations. Rather it will ensure that the relevant bodies and agencies already working in the field will be included in the project and that international cooperation and collaboration will result in optimal translation of locally relevant genomic information according to best clinical utility and practice.


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Contact us:

Professor Dhavendra Kumar, MD DSc FRCP FRCPCH FACMG

Division of Cancer & Genetics
Heath Campus, Cardiff University
Cardiff, CF14 4XW, UK



Professor Ingrid Winship

The Royal Melbourne Hospital

RMH, Victoria 3050, Australia



HVP International Coordinating Office